cardano-ledger-babbage- Cardano ledger introducing refrence scripts and inline datums
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




getBabbageSpendingDatum ∷ (AlonzoEraTx era, BabbageEraTxOut era) ⇒ UTxO era → Tx era → PlutusPurpose AsItem era → Maybe (Data era) Source #

Extract binary data either directly from the Tx as an "inline datum" or look it up in the witnesses by the hash.

getReferenceScriptsBabbageEraTxOut era ⇒ UTxO era → Set (TxIn (EraCrypto era)) → Map (ScriptHash (EraCrypto era)) (Script era) Source #

Collect all the reference scripts found in the TxOuts, pointed to by some input.

Orphan instances

Crypto c ⇒ AlonzoEraUTxO (BabbageEra c) Source # 
Instance details

Crypto c ⇒ EraUTxO (BabbageEra c) Source # 
Instance details

Associated Types

type ScriptsNeeded (BabbageEra c) = (r ∷ Type) Source #