cardano-ledger-byron- The blockchain layer of Cardano during the Byron era
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Extract info from genesis config

Extract info from chain state


reAnnotateUsing ∷ ∀ f a. Functor f ⇒ (f a → Encoding) → (∀ s. Decoder s (f ByteSpan)) → f a → f ByteString Source #

Generalization of reAnnotate


abobMatchesBodyABlockOrBoundaryHdr ByteStringABlockOrBoundary ByteStringBool Source #

Check if a block matches its header

For EBBs, we're currently being more permissive here and not performing any header-body validation but only checking whether an EBB header and EBB block were provided. This seems to be fine as it won't cause any loss of consensus with the old `cardano-sl` nodes.