cardano-ledger-byron- The blockchain layer of Cardano during the Byron era
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Auxiliary definitions to make working with the Byron ledger easier



applyChainTickConfigSlotNumberChainValidationStateChainValidationState Source #

Apply chain tick

This is the part of block processing that depends only on the slot number of the block: We update

  • The update state
  • The delegation state
  • The last applied slot number

NOTE: The spec currently only updates the update state here; this is not good enough. Fortunately, updating the delegation state and slot number here (currently done in body processing) is at least conform spec, as these updates are conform spec. See

validateBoundaryMonadError ChainValidationError m ⇒ ConfigABoundaryBlock ByteStringChainValidationState → m ChainValidationState Source #

Apply a boundary block

NOTE: The cvsLastSlot calculation must match the one in abobHdrSlotNo.