cardano-ledger-mary- Cardano ledger with multiasset support.
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Orphan instances

Crypto c ⇒ AllegraEraScript (MaryEra c) Source # 
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Crypto c ⇒ EraScript (MaryEra c) Source #

Since Timelock scripts are a strictly backwards compatible extension of MultiSig scripts, we can use the same scriptPrefixTag tag here as we did for the ValidateScript instance in MultiSig

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Associated Types

type Script (MaryEra c) = (r ∷ Type) Source #

type NativeScript (MaryEra c) = (r ∷ Type) Source #

Crypto c ⇒ ShelleyEraScript (MaryEra c) Source # 
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