cardano-ledger-shelley-ma-test- Shelley ledger with multiasset and time lock support.
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Export the EraGen instance for MaryEra, as well as some reusable functions for future Eras



maryGenesisValueGenEnv era → Gen (MaryValue c) Source #

Carefully crafted to apply in any Era where Value is MaryValue

policyIndexAllegraEraScript era ⇒ Map (PolicyID (EraCrypto era)) (NativeScript era) Source #

Carefully crafted to apply in any Era where Value is MaryValue | This map allows us to lookup a minting policy by the policy ID.

addTokens ∷ ∀ era. (EraGen era, Value era ~ MaryValue (EraCrypto era)) ⇒ Proxy era → StrictSeq (TxOut era) → PParams era → MultiAsset (EraCrypto era) → StrictSeq (TxOut era) → Maybe (StrictSeq (TxOut era)) Source #

Carefully crafted to apply to any Era where Value is MaryValue We attempt to Add tokens to a non-empty list of transaction outputs. It will add them to the first output that has enough lovelace to meet the minUTxO requirment, if such an output exists.

Orphan instances

Crypto c ⇒ EraGen (MaryEra c) Source # 
Instance details


genGenesisValueGenEnv (MaryEra c) → Gen (Value (MaryEra c)) Source #

genEraTwoPhase3Arg ∷ [TwoPhase3ArgInfo (MaryEra c)] Source #

genEraTwoPhase2Arg ∷ [TwoPhase2ArgInfo (MaryEra c)] Source #

genEraTxBodyGenEnv (MaryEra c) → UTxO (MaryEra c) → PParams (MaryEra c) → SlotNoSet (TxIn (EraCrypto (MaryEra c))) → StrictSeq (TxOut (MaryEra c)) → StrictSeq (TxCert (MaryEra c)) → Withdrawals (EraCrypto (MaryEra c)) → CoinStrictMaybe (Update (MaryEra c)) → StrictMaybe (AuxiliaryDataHash (EraCrypto (MaryEra c))) → Gen (TxBody (MaryEra c), [Script (MaryEra c)]) Source #

genEraAuxiliaryDataConstantsGen (StrictMaybe (TxAuxData (MaryEra c))) Source #

updateEraTxBodyUTxO (MaryEra c) → PParams (MaryEra c) → TxWits (MaryEra c) → TxBody (MaryEra c) → CoinSet (TxIn (EraCrypto (MaryEra c))) → TxOut (MaryEra c) → TxBody (MaryEra c) Source #

addInputsTxBody (MaryEra c) → Set (TxIn (EraCrypto (MaryEra c))) → TxBody (MaryEra c) Source #

genEraPParamsUpdateConstantsPParams (MaryEra c) → Gen (PParamsUpdate (MaryEra c)) Source #

genEraPParamsConstantsGen (PParams (MaryEra c)) Source #

genEraTxWits ∷ (UTxO (MaryEra c), TxBody (MaryEra c), ScriptInfo (MaryEra c)) → Set (WitVKey 'Witness (EraCrypto (MaryEra c))) → Map (ScriptHash (EraCrypto (MaryEra c))) (Script (MaryEra c)) → TxWits (MaryEra c) Source #

genEraGoodTxOutTxOut (MaryEra c) → Bool Source #

constructTxTxBody (MaryEra c) → TxWits (MaryEra c) → StrictMaybe (TxAuxData (MaryEra c)) → Tx (MaryEra c) Source #

genEraScriptCostPParams (MaryEra c) → Script (MaryEra c) → Coin Source #

genEraDoneUTxO (MaryEra c) → PParams (MaryEra c) → Tx (MaryEra c) → Gen (Tx (MaryEra c)) Source #

genEraTweakBlockPParams (MaryEra c) → Seq (Tx (MaryEra c)) → Gen (Seq (Tx (MaryEra c))) Source #

hasFailedScriptsTx (MaryEra c) → Bool Source #

feeOrCollateralTx (MaryEra c) → UTxO (MaryEra c) → Coin Source #

Crypto c ⇒ MinGenTxout (MaryEra c) Source # 
Instance details

Crypto c ⇒ ScriptClass (MaryEra c) Source # 
Instance details

Split (MaryValue era) Source # 
Instance details


vsplitMaryValue era → Integer → ([MaryValue era], Coin) Source #