cardano-ledger-shelley-test- Test helpers from cardano-ledger-shelley exposed to other packages
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




genUpdateEraGen era ⇒ ConstantsSlotNo → [(GenesisKeyPair (EraCrypto era), AllIssuerKeys (EraCrypto era) 'GenesisDelegate)] → Map (KeyHash 'GenesisDelegate (EraCrypto era)) (AllIssuerKeys (EraCrypto era) 'GenesisDelegate) → PParams era → (UTxOState era, CertState era) → Gen (Maybe (Update era), [KeyPair 'Witness (EraCrypto era)]) Source #

Occasionally generate an update and return with the witness keys

genShelleyPParamsUpdate ∷ ∀ era. (ProtVerAtMost era 4, ProtVerAtMost era 6, ProtVerAtMost era 8, EraPParams era) ⇒ ConstantsPParams era → Gen (PParamsUpdate era) Source #

This is only good in the Shelley Era, used to define the genShelleyEraPParamsUpdate method for (EraGen (ShelleyEra c))

genMGen a → Gen (StrictMaybe a) Source #

genDecentralisationParamHasCallStackGen UnitInterval Source #

^ TODO jc - generating d=0 takes some care, if there are no registered stake pools then d=0 deadlocks the system.