cardano-ledger-shelley- Shelley Ledger Executable Model
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allowMIRTransferProtVerBool Source #

Starting with protocol version 5, the MIR certs will also be able to transfer funds between the reserves and the treasury. Additionally, the semantics for the pervious functionality will change a bit. Before version 5 redundancies in the instantaneous reward mapping were handled by overriding. Now they are handled by adding the values and allowing for negatives updates, provided the sum for each key remains positive.

bootstrapPhaseProtVerBool Source #

Bootstrap phase

validatePoolRewardAccountNetIDProtVerBool Source #

Starting with protocol version 5, we will validate the network ID for the reward account listed in stake pool registration certificates.

forgoRewardPrefilterProtVerBool Source #

Starting with protocol version 7, the reward calculation no longer filters out unregistered stake addresses at the moment the calculation begins. See the Shelley Ledger Errata 17.2.

translateUpperBoundForPlutusScriptsProtVerBool Source #

Starting with protocol version 9, we translate the upper bound of validity interval correctly for Plutus scripts.

TODO - After mainnet has successfully moved to protocol version 9, we can check to see if the semantic difference here has even been exercised. (We probably also need to check preprod and potentially preview.) If it has not been exercised by version 9, we can safely remove this check and always use the correct semantics (which cleans up the code).

forgoPointerAddressResolutionProtVerBool Source #

Starting with protocol version 9, we no longer resolve pointer addresses.