cardano-ledger-shelley- Shelley Ledger Executable Model
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




availableAfterMIRMIRPotAccountStateInstantaneousRewards c → Coin Source #

This function returns the coin balance of a given pot, either the reserves or the treasury, after the instantaneous rewards and pot transfers are accounted for.

genesisState ∷ ∀ era. EraGov era ⇒ Map (KeyHash 'Genesis (EraCrypto era)) (GenDelegPair (EraCrypto era)) → UTxO era → LedgerState era Source #

Creates the ledger state for an empty ledger which contains the specified transaction outputs.

updateNESEraGov era ⇒ NewEpochState era → BlocksMade (EraCrypto era) → LedgerState era → NewEpochState era Source #

Update new epoch state