byron-spec-ledger- Executable specification of Cardano ledger
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Ledger global parameters.



epochFirstSlotBlockCountEpochSlot Source #

Given the chain stability parameter, calculate the first slot in a given epoch.

lovelaceCapLovelace Source #

Constant amount of Lovelace in the system.

slotsPerEpochIntegral n ⇒ BlockCount → n Source #

Given the chain stability parameter, often referred to as k, which is expressed in an amount of blocks, return the number of slots contained in an epoch.

slotsPerEpochToKIntegral n ⇒ n → BlockCount Source #

The inverse of slotsPerEpoch: given a number of slots per-epoch, return the chain stability parameter k.

cWord64 Source #

Factor used to bound the concrete size by the abstract size.

This constant should satisfy that given an elaboration function elaborate which elaborates abstract values intro concrete ones, for each abstract data value a we have:

size (elaborate a) <= c * abstractSize a

TODO: we need to investigate what this factor is, and probably use different factors for different data types (update, UTxO transactions, etc).