cardano-ledger-conway- Cardano ledger with an updated on-chain governance system.
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pparamUpdateToDataMap Word (PParam era) → PParamsUpdate era → Data Source #

Translate a PParamUpdate to Data, using the PParamMap. The PParamUpdate is Basically (Map (tag t) (Some (StrictMaybe t))) The idea is to only store (Map (tag t) (Some t)) for just the components that had (SJust t), and to leave out the other tags. To transform this back to a (Map (tag t) (Some t)), we start with a full map where everything is SNothing, and then override the tags we find in the data with (SJust t) That is what happens in pparamUpdateFromData below

pparamUpdateFromDataEraPParams era ⇒ Map Word (PParam era) → DataMaybe (PParamsUpdate era) Source #

Translate Data to a PParamUpdate, using the PParamMap.

conwayPParamConwayEraPParams era ⇒ [PParam era] Source #

A list for the Conway era, other eras may have different tags and lenses.

conwayPParamMapConwayEraPParams era ⇒ Map Word (PParam era) Source #

A Map for the Conway era

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