cardano-ledger-mary- Cardano ledger with multiasset support.
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scaledMinDepositVal v ⇒ v → CoinCoin Source #

The scaledMinDeposit calculation uses the minUTxOValue protocol parameter (passed to it as Coin mv) as a specification of "the cost of making a Shelley-sized UTxO entry", calculated here by "utxoEntrySizeWithoutVal + uint", using the constants in the "where" clause. In the case when a UTxO entry contains coins only (and the Shelley UTxO entry format is used - we will extend this to be correct for other UTxO formats shortly), the deposit should be exactly the minUTxOValue. This is the "inject (coin v) == v" case. Otherwise, we calculate the per-byte deposit by multiplying the minimum deposit (which is for the number of Shelley UTxO-entry bytes) by the size of a Shelley UTxO entry. This is the "(mv * (utxoEntrySizeWithoutVal + uint))" calculation. We then calculate the total deposit required for making a UTxO entry with a Val-class member v by dividing "(mv * (utxoEntrySizeWithoutVal + uint))" by the estimated total size of the UTxO entry containing v, ie by "(utxoEntrySizeWithoutVal + size v)". See the formal specification for details.

This scaling function is right for UTxO, not EUTxO

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