cardano-ledger-shelley-test- Test helpers from cardano-ledger-shelley exposed to other packages
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lastByronHeaderHash ∷ ∀ proxy era. Era era ⇒ proxy era → HashHeader (EraCrypto era) Source #

The first block of the Shelley era will point back to the last block of the Byron era. For our purposes we can bootstrap the chain by just coercing the value. When this transition actually occurs, the consensus layer will do the work of making sure that the hash gets translated across the fork

mkGenesisChainState ∷ ∀ era a. (EraGen era, EraGov era) ⇒ GenEnv era → IRC (CHAIN era) → Gen (Either a (ChainState era)) Source #

Orphan instances

(EraGen era, EraSegWits era, Mock (EraCrypto era), ApplyBlock era, GetLedgerView era, MinLEDGER_STS era, MinCHAIN_STS era, Embed (EraRule "BBODY" era) (CHAIN era), Environment (EraRule "BBODY" era) ~ BbodyEnv era, State (EraRule "BBODY" era) ~ ShelleyBbodyState era, Signal (EraRule "BBODY" era) ~ Block (BHeaderView (EraCrypto era)) era, Embed (EraRule "TICKN" era) (CHAIN era), Environment (EraRule "TICKN" era) ~ TicknEnv, State (EraRule "TICKN" era) ~ TicknState, Signal (EraRule "TICKN" era) ~ Bool, Embed (EraRule "TICK" era) (CHAIN era), Environment (EraRule "TICK" era) ~ (), State (EraRule "TICK" era) ~ NewEpochState era, Signal (EraRule "TICK" era) ~ SlotNo, HasTrace (EraRule "LEDGERS" era) (GenEnv era)) ⇒ HasTrace (CHAIN era) (GenEnv era) Source # 
Instance details

Associated Types

type BaseEnv (CHAIN era) Source #


interpretSTSHasCallStackBaseEnv (CHAIN era) → BaseM (CHAIN era) a → a Source #

envGenGenEnv era → Gen (Environment (CHAIN era)) Source #

sigGenGenEnv era → Environment (CHAIN era) → State (CHAIN era) → Gen (Signal (CHAIN era)) Source #

shrinkSignalSignal (CHAIN era) → [Signal (CHAIN era)] Source #