cardano-ledger-test- Testing harness, tests and benchmarks for Shelley style cardano ledgers
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



data TxField era Source #

Bundled Patterns

pattern AuxData' ∷ [TxAuxData era] → TxField era 
pattern Valid'BoolTxField era 

data TxBodyField era Source #

Bundled Patterns

pattern Inputs' ∷ [TxIn (EraCrypto era)] → TxBodyField era 
pattern Collateral' ∷ [TxIn (EraCrypto era)] → TxBodyField era 
pattern RefInputs' ∷ [TxIn (EraCrypto era)] → TxBodyField era 
pattern Outputs' ∷ [TxOut era] → TxBodyField era 
pattern Certs' ∷ [TxCert era] → TxBodyField era 
pattern CollateralReturn' ∷ [TxOut era] → TxBodyField era 
pattern Update' ∷ [Update era] → TxBodyField era 
pattern ReqSignerHashes' ∷ [KeyHash 'Witness (EraCrypto era)] → TxBodyField era 
pattern WppHash' ∷ [ScriptIntegrityHash (EraCrypto era)] → TxBodyField era 
pattern AdHash' ∷ [AuxiliaryDataHash (EraCrypto era)] → TxBodyField era 
pattern Txnetworkid' ∷ [Network] → TxBodyField era 

data WitnessesField era Source #

Bundled Patterns

pattern AddrWits'Era era ⇒ [WitVKey 'Witness (EraCrypto era)] → WitnessesField era 
pattern BootWits'Era era ⇒ [BootstrapWitness (EraCrypto era)] → WitnessesField era 
pattern ScriptWits' ∷ ∀ era. EraScript era ⇒ [Script era] → WitnessesField era 
pattern DataWits'Era era ⇒ [Data era] → WitnessesField era 

data PParamsField era Source #


MinfeeA Coin 
MinfeeB Coin

The constant factor for the minimum fee calculation

MaxBBSize Word32

Maximal block body size

MaxTxSize Word32

Maximal transaction size

MaxBHSize Word16

Maximal block header size

KeyDeposit Coin

The amount of a key registration deposit

PoolDeposit Coin

The amount of a pool registration deposit

EMax EpochInterval

epoch bound on pool retirement

NOpt Natural

Desired number of pools

A0 NonNegativeInterval

Pool influence

Rho UnitInterval

Monetary expansion

Tau UnitInterval

Treasury expansion

D UnitInterval

Decentralization parameter

ExtraEntropy Nonce

Extra entropy

ProtocolVersion ProtVer

Protocol version

MinPoolCost Coin

Minimum Stake Pool Cost

MinUTxOValue Coin

Minimum Lovelace in a UTxO deprecated by AdaPerUTxOWord

CoinPerUTxOWord CoinPerWord

Cost in ada per 8 bytes of UTxO storage instead of _minUTxOValue

CoinPerUTxOByte CoinPerByte

Cost in ada per 1 byte of UTxO storage instead of _coinsPerUTxOWord

Costmdls CostModels

Cost models for non-native script languages

Prices Prices

Prices of execution units for non-native script languages

MaxTxExUnits ExUnits

Max total script execution resources units allowed per tx

MaxBlockExUnits ExUnits

Max total script execution resources units allowed per block

MaxValSize Natural

Max size of a Value in an output

CollateralPercentage Natural

The scaling percentage of the collateral relative to the fee

MaxCollateralInputs Natural

Maximum number of collateral inputs allowed in a transaction

PoolVotingThreshold PoolVotingThresholds

These are new to Conway

DRepVotingThreshold DRepVotingThresholds 
MinCommitteeSize Natural 
CommitteeTermLimit EpochInterval 
GovActionExpiration EpochInterval 
GovActionDeposit Coin 
DRepDeposit Coin 
DRepActivity EpochInterval 

data TxOutField era Source #


Address (Addr (EraCrypto era)) 
Amount (Value era) 
DHash (StrictMaybe (DataHash (EraCrypto era))) 
FDatum (Datum era) 
RefScript (StrictMaybe (Script era)) 

Bundled Patterns

pattern DHash' ∷ [DataHash (EraCrypto era)] → TxOutField era 
pattern RefScript' ∷ [Script era] → TxOutField era 

initialTxBodyEra era ⇒ Proof era → TxBody era Source #

initialWitnessesEra era ⇒ Proof era → TxWits era Source #

initialTx ∷ ∀ era. Proof era → Tx era Source #

initialTxOutEra era ⇒ Proof era → TxOut era Source #

abstractTxProof era → Tx era → [TxField era] Source #

abstractTxBodyProof era → TxBody era → [TxBodyField era] Source #

abstractTxOutEra era ⇒ Proof era → TxOut era → [TxOutField era] Source #

abstractPParamsProof era → PParams era → [PParamsField era] Source #