cardano-ledger-test- Testing harness, tests and benchmarks for Shelley style cardano ledgers
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




genAlonzoTx ∷ ∀ era. Reflect era ⇒ Proof era → SlotNoGenRS era (UTxO era, Tx era) Source #

data Box era Source #


Box (Proof era) (TRC (EraRule "LEDGER" era)) (GenState era) 


Instances details
(Era era, PrettyA (State (EraRule "LEDGER" era)), PrettyA (Script era), PrettyA (Signal (EraRule "LEDGER" era)), Signal (EraRule "LEDGER" era) ~ Tx era) ⇒ Show (Box era) Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Test.Cardano.Ledger.Generic.TxGen


showsPrecIntBox era → ShowS Source #

showBox era → String Source #

showList ∷ [Box era] → ShowS Source #

applySTSByProof ∷ ∀ era. Era era ⇒ Proof era → RuleContext 'Transition (EraRule "LEDGER" era) → Either (NonEmpty (PredicateFailure (EraRule "LEDGER" era))) (State (EraRule "LEDGER" era)) Source #

assembleWitsEra era ⇒ Proof era → [WitnessesField era] → TxWits era Source #

This uses merging semantics, it expects duplicate fields, and merges them together

coreTxProof era → [TxField era] → Tx era Source #

coreTxBodyEraTxBody era ⇒ Proof era → [TxBodyField era] → TxBody era Source #

coreTxOutEra era ⇒ Proof era → [TxOutField era] → TxOut era Source #

genUTxOReflect era ⇒ GenRS era (MUtxo era, Maybe (UtxoEntry era)) Source #

Generate a somewhat arbitrary MUtxo. Occasionally add a bit of the MUtxo in the Model to the one generated. This way the Tx we generate may spend some of the old UTxo. The result has at most 1 entry from the old MUtxo, and If it has only one entry, that entry is not from the old MUtxo